What is Creativity?

What is Creativity?

At one point or another we've all heard someone say "oh, she's so creative" or have said to ourselves "I wish I was creative"; but what is creativity? Why do we try to mold it into a box.

Each and every one of us are born with creative expression. As small children we express ourselves by singing, by dancing like nobody's watching, by drawing, by playing imaginary games. As we get older we start to become more self conscious about what we do. Instead of using creativity as a form of expression and healing we get caught up using it as a way to make money or as something that we can only do if we're good at it and it can sell. Think professional painters, professional singers, professional chefs. So from that we have people thinking they're not creative when the reality is they've simply lost their connection to their creative side.

Creativity is not a once size fits all approach, some people are creative in writing, some in drawing, some in music composition, some in organizing, some in cooking/baking, some in makeup, etc. The list goes on and on.

I challenge you to think back to your childhood, a time before you were ridiculed for not singing good enough or not drawing the perfect picture and think about what creativity was for you. How did you express yourself before someone told you that you couldn't do it that way? That my friend is your answer to what creativity is. For me, it's through writing and singing which then brought on healing; for you it could be something totally different.

Write out what you believe creativity is for you. Comment below what you come up with or post it on IG and tag me @_missnikkilynn

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